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Themed Parties

Aerostar Hotel offers the professional organization and carrying out of themed parties.

Specially for you we organize stylized events under the chosen themes – shows and musicals, themed weddings and birthdays, corporate events that can be unusually performed.

Ideas for themed parties are so varied as our life. It can be the Fairy-tale Party like “The Tale of the Arabian Nights” or “Gangster Party”, “Indian Ethnic Party” or any kind of dancing parties as “80s Disco Party”, folk party, etc.

Does your child have a birthday coming up? Or maybe you just decided to please your baby or to lift up its mood? Or what if you want to organize corporate kids event? Our specialists will help you to deal successfully with any of these tasks!

Creation of unforgettable shows is our goal. Your event always will be fascinating with us and a little bit magical, and the interesting show program will mesmerize not only young event guests, but also their parents.